Titanium and Rare Earths

Throughout our geological assaying and metallurgical assessments, we’ve always been interested in the Titanium content of our bauxite product. Titanium oxide presents in moderate to high quantities (generally 5-6%) in the raw ore, however, it has no impact on the refining process and ultimately gets ‘spat out’ with the red mud from the refinery facility. […]

Vecturis interim report on rail element of the BFS

Vecturis have been doing a fantastic job on the rail element of the BFS. Since their visit into Cameroon, the information has been flowing from Camrail and Vecturis have been able to assess and evaluate the data in preparation for the execution and operation plan they’ll present for the BFS. Their interim report that we […]

CAY team set to optimise rail solution and effectively interface with the port

There’s been a flurry of corporate activity in Yaounde recently which has been very positive. As you all probably know Rick Smith has taken over as Director General of Camalco, bringing experience from Emirates Global Aluminum’s GAC bauxite development in Guinea. Also Joining him now as Director of Port and Rail is Andre Henry, who […]

Trialing crushing and screening elements to support transportation and communication

The site team have been busy lately. Since the resource update the technical services team have been furthering the hydrogeological monitoring to continue upgrading our ground water modelling and they’ve been conducting another round of point load testing to increase our granularity on rock strength to further improve mining equipment productivity assumptions. We have also […]

Technical services teams contribution to Measured resource

It’s great to now be able to say that we have nearly 400 million tonnes of Measured resource in our deposit, all in the priority mining areas. It’s even better to be able to see that almost all of our mining will take place in this highest-category of resource classification. This is in large part due to […]

Geological mapping of the Minim Martap haul road corridor

Over the past few months the Tech Services team have been conducting a detail geological mapping exercise of the Minim Martap haul road corridor linking the Mine Site Infrastructure (MSI) and the Inland Rail Facility (IRF). The survey confirms the presence of significant volumes of granitic and borrow pit material adjacent to the proposed corridor […]

Vecturis Site Visit Update

It’s been a few weeks now since Vecturis conducted their site visit to our project in Cameroon in support of our BFS but it is worth reflecting on their trip. From the moment they landed it was clear that the team were very familiar with Cameroon and very well respected by CamRailm the rail company […]

Mining contractors engaged to support BFS for Minim Martap Project

As the study teams advance on pricing for the study, three mining contractors were selected to contribute based on their West African and surface-mining experiences. We asked them to place a mining contract bid on the pre-feasibility study mining schedules to initiate our engagement. This process allowed for the contractors to gain familiarity with the […]

Canyon kicks off local content plan with GICAM group of business leaders in Cameroon

The Camalco-GICAM event was led by newly appointed Director General of Camalco, Mr Rick Smith. The objective was to bring together the service and material providers of organisations selected as having the capacity to support and participate in the construction of the Project. Business representation at the event included equipment and parts suppliers, civil and […]

Camalco meets ESIA work plan for the quarter outlining commitments in the ESG space

Camalco has once again been applauded for its effort to maintain operational excellence regarding the management of safety, environment and health following the application of regulatory and risk based requirements. This was after a visit to site on the 26th of February by a team from the Regional Delegation of Environment to follow-up on the […]