Throughout our geological assaying and metallurgical assessments, we’ve always been interested in the Titanium content of our bauxite product. Titanium oxide presents in moderate to high quantities (generally 5-6%) in the raw ore, however, it has no impact on the refining process and ultimately gets ‘spat out’ with the red mud from the refinery facility. Recognising the strategic importance of Titanium and the environmental imperative to reduce adverse red mud impacts, we decided to explore the opportunity of Titanium extraction from mud and the technical services team on-site have begun to lead the investigation. In theory, the red mud from our product should contain significant amounts of Titanium Oxide! We are going through the processes of understanding the chemical and mineralogical properties of the red mud samples that we have in the labs from our digestion tests and from this we will be able to progress through extraction methodologies and lab trials. Whilst we are at it we will also add Rare Earth Elements into this assessment.

We look forward to keeping you abreast of the outcomes.