This week I want to focus on an important technical component that our site team have been embarking upon to support the BFS. Quarries are often overlooked but are a great enabler for effective project execution. Our geologists and GIS expert form the site based Technical Services Team have been conducting a detailed geological mapping and surveying programme on the  road corridor linking the Minim Martap mine site with the inland rail facility at Makor. This is a follow-up programme of the PFS reconnaissance survey conducted in late 2019 which highlighted the potential sources of roadbuilding and construction materials to enable the construction and maintenance of this major haul road.

The current programme seeks to define additional sources of construction and maintenance material at proximity to the road corridor and conduct geological and geotechnical test works on the materials to evaluate their suitability for construction purposes.

Mapping has been completed on the first major segment of the road between Makor village to Tekel junction. This has shown significant areas of granitic rock material suitable for quarrying, existing borrow pits for lateritic road sheeting and sand locations potentially suitable for concrete manufacture. All this great work will be fed into the main engineering team responsible for the haul road.

It’s great to have the skills in the Camalco team to be able to complete programs such as this.