The Camalco-GICAM event was led by newly appointed Director General of Camalco, Mr Rick Smith. The objective was to bring together the service and material providers of organisations selected as having the capacity to support and participate in the construction of the Project. Business representation at the event included equipment and parts suppliers, civil and earthworks contractors, fabrication and structural manufacturers, fuel providers, cement and aggregate suppliers, and technical support services including recruitment, Legal, accounting and engineering services.

The BFS team are focussed on developing accurate engineering and cost estimations with a particular emphasis on local content input into the study. Not only does this support bankability, but it also helps set up local organisations to support and participate in construction and on-going operations. Importantly, ensuring a significant portion of local content where possible, is the right way of developing a project and contributes further to the local economies and skills and capability development.

Created in 1957, the Groupement Inter-Patronal du Cameroun (GICAM) is the most representative organization of the private sector in Cameroon. It is governed by Law No. 90/053 of December 19, 1990, on freedom of association. GICAM brings together professional groups and individual companies; as such, it currently has more than 1000 members.

Attendees at the event included nearly 60 heads of industry, senior representatives from Camrail and the Port Authority of Douala as well as delegates from the Ministry of transport and the Ministry of Mines and the event was extensively covered by local media, highlighting the importance of the Minim Martap Project to local industry and the economy.

The GICAM event was a great event that highlighted the interest in the Minim Martap Project across nearly all of Cameroon’s major businesses. The interaction was very positive, and everyone was excited to learn more about the project and to prepare to participate as potential suppliers or service providers. We were impressed by the high level of competence and professionalism from a broad range of businesses in Cameroon and this gives us confidence that we can potentially award significant contracts for the Minim Martap Bauxite Project to local Cameroon businesses.

Canyon is focussed on wherever possible utilising local industry to develop the long term skills and capabilities that will make the Minim Martap Project a long term success. The event will allow the selection of the most appropriate companies to support with budget pricing for the BFS as well as preparing the businesses for longer term execution and operational support contracts.

Thank you to everyone who supported the event.