Camalco has once again been applauded for its effort to maintain operational excellence regarding the management of safety, environment and health following the application of regulatory and risk based requirements.

This was after a visit to site on the 26th of February by a team from the Regional Delegation of Environment to follow-up on the implementation of the ESIA annual work plan validated in December 2020. The ESIA work plan outlines the commitments of Camalco in the socio-economic and environmental space, derived both from local regulations and from best industry practice.

The team visited recent drill sites on the Minim Martap plateaux and the proposed haul road corridor where geological mapping is currently underway.

The team conducted impromptu interviews in key villages around the priority plateaux area on safety, environment, and community relation aspects.

In general, the feedback from the environmental team and the villagers was very positive affirming Camalco’s continual effort in developing the Minim Martap project in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Camalco has met all of its ESIA first quarter work plan and continues to continuously improve and build for full compliance on the second quarter. Recently this included a new system for managing and recycling waste which was implemented on site to reduce our waste footprint, and our annual first aid and fire extinguisher training was completed by specialist instructors ensuring our whole team is ready in the event of an emergency.