Over the past few months the Tech Services team have been conducting a detail geological mapping exercise of the Minim Martap haul road corridor linking the Mine Site Infrastructure (MSI) and the Inland Rail Facility (IRF). The survey confirms the presence of significant volumes of granitic and borrow pit material adjacent to the proposed corridor for the purposes of all-weather haul road construction.

This is great for the project as these materials can be quarried, close to the construction fronts of the haul road.

Geological mapping delineated six zones along the corridor where granitic rocks outcrop. These zones fall primarily within the Makor – Gotanga stretch of the corridor. Four borrow pits were also identified all within the same section of the road corridor.

The next phase of this survey currently in progress seeks to define the geotechnical properties of the materials. Bulk density, rock strength amongst other geotechnical test works will be conducted on samples to confirm their suitability for construction purposes.

The outcomes of this programme will feed into the engineering team responsible for the haul road design and construction.

Jones Ashu Egbe, our Senior Geologist gives a quick overview on his video blog and highlights the benefits of Canyon’s skilled and local Technical Services team.

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