It’s been a few weeks now since Vecturis conducted their site visit to our project in Cameroon in support of our BFS but it is worth reflecting on their trip. From the moment they landed it was clear that the team were very familiar with Cameroon and very well respected by CamRailm the rail company operating the network. It was their first trip since 2005 and nearly 20 years since, under a previous organisation, the Vecturis team had handed the concession over to the current operators, CamRail. The team met with the Camrail leadership and technical heads and toured the facilities in Yaounde and Douala. With Rick Smith, Camlco’s DG, they held meetings with the Port Authority of Douala and with the Ministry of Transport who govern the rail network. Eric Pieffer, the Managing Director of Vecturis, was welcomed like a returning hero by current and past employees of CamRail so clearly the history is strong and very positive. Vecturis are now fully into the rail BFS technical work and is soon to be complemented by Andre Henry, our West-African rail expert from Canada who is moving to Cameroon for Canyon next month. The rail team gets stronger by the day!

Thank you for a great trip.