This week saw us release the completion of one of the critical baseline studies to the market. This is a key piece of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). We’ve been collecting weather data from our on-site weather station for some years now and coupled with other local and regional data sets this has made a significant contribution to the baseline assessments, particularly around the local climate.

As we reported in the hydrogeology and hydrology baseline report, it shows significantly favourable precipitation conditions relative to the bauxite mines of Guinea and with the nature of the resource and the adjacent geology we should experience pretty benign operating conditions when we move into production.

The Feasibility Study and commercial strategy continue to be validated as we complete the engagement plan with commercial, strategic and technical partners. Locking in a strategy early and executing to it is great for our efficiencies and effectiveness. As I learned from previous roles: Plan The Work and Work The Plan. This is also the operating discipline we have embedded with our Technical Services Team on site and their ability to adapt to this and do it to a high quality shows the competence of our in-house team and their thirst for learning and skill development.

The Tech Services Team are busy preparing for the commencement of the Grade Definition Programme and we have restructured the team slightly as well to improve efficiencies on the ground. Included in this transition is Mohammed who has been a star geologist over the last few years and who is now transitioning to focus on managing health, safety and environmental protection in alignment with our exploration H&S management plans. Good job team. J

James Durrant
Director of Projects