Vecturis have been doing a fantastic job on the rail element of the BFS. Since their visit into Cameroon, the information has been flowing from Camrail and Vecturis have been able to assess and evaluate the data in preparation for the execution and operation plan they’ll present for the BFS. Their interim report that we recently received provides a very detailed analysis of the current condition of the rail line, a detailed analysis of the Camrail project pipeline underway and an assessment of the activities needed across the spectrum to unlock rail capacity to support Canyon’s project trains. The report clearly shows both the challenges and the opportunities of the rail asset and this sets the platform for us being able to integrate our project within the existing broader upgrade plan. To help this integration, Andre Henry, Director of Port and Rail, is soon to be kicking off a ’round-table’ event – a senior stakeholder group of major infrastructure representatives and government officials to steer the alignment of the projects and to advance the commercial access agreements. This is a relatively complicated but critical part of the project and the team are well set up to lead it.