There’s been a flurry of corporate activity in Yaounde recently which has been very positive. As you all probably know Rick Smith has taken over as Director General of Camalco, bringing experience from Emirates Global Aluminum’s GAC bauxite development in Guinea. Also Joining him now as Director of Port and Rail is Andre Henry, who used to work with Rick at GAC as Senior Manager Rail and Interface. Andre has 43 years of rail experience managing billion-dollar international railway initiatives for AECOM’s Middle East, Etihad Rail, Emirates Global Aluminium and North American operations so comes incredibly well experienced for our project.

And not only that. Andre actually worked on the Cameroon rail network in the late ‘90s whilst the Chad oil pipeline was being built (as well as in the mid 2000’s on a port bridge project at Douala) so he knows the infrastructure, knows the leadership of CamRail and Douala Port and knows the team at Vecturis. With Vecturis our consultants, with Andre our Director of Port and Rail, and with our partners in CamRail and the PAD we are well set-up to really optimise our rail solution, and effectively interface with the port. A good step for our BFS and exciting times!