Last week Camalco, Canyon’s 100% owned Cameroon entity, took part at the 2020’s Crossroads of Trades & Employment Exchanges in the city of Ngaoundere, a couple of hours drive north of the Project site. The main theme was: “MAJOR PROJECTS; AN OPPORTUNITY FOR SOCIO-ECONOMIC INTEGRATION FOR THE YOUTH OF ADAMAWA”.

Camalco was represented by members of our Yaounde office team and our site based technical services team who brought up rock samples, computer models and other information to our Camalco booth. The event was attended by the general public as well as traditional and administrative authorities, and they were very curious to see bauxite in the Camalco stand and keen to hear of our plans to mine.

The 2020 edition of this event was designed to highlight major projects based in the Adamawa Region and their future employment and skill requirements. The purpose was to highlight upcoming industry developments and the associated skill requirements to support and inform the education decisions of youth in the region and to connect businesses with the next pool of talent.

This was a great opportunity for Camalco to make itself further known to the public, the administrative and traditional authorities of the Adamawa region and promote the great work we’ve done and our transition to a significant employer in the Adamawa Region. Over the last couple of years Camalco has employed a number of geologists and related trades across the experience spectrum, including supporting graduate interns, to integrate local skill development and ensure sustainability is integrated from the beginning of the project to help leave a positive legacy in all that is done in the region.  Thank you to all who supported the event. J