The week has seen the teams of the feasibility study begin to formalise and connect and the more detailed strategies and tactics of the 3 main packages come together.

Mining Plus, our technical lead on mining and geology, are busily integrating resource information into the models including density and chemical updates, which include some new FTIR analysis from SGS laboratories. FTIR (I won’t dwell on the term nor the methodology) is a way of rapidly, and at low cost, determining the metallurgical properties of the ore but it needs to be calibrated to the particular resource characteristics. We have been doing this successively over the past year and are starting to see the dividends of this highly effective proxy to costly digestion tests.

Talking of laboratories our Advanced Metallurgical Programme has had some results which are having to be re-checked because the recovery of Alumina was “too good”. Unfortunately it’s likely to be a mass balance hiccup so we’re conducting some alternate tests to correct the misalignment. In Cameroon, as the Grade Definition Programme commences, we have seen the full-time on-boarding of our own technical services team including, geologists, drillers and drill support.

One of the first tasks of this programme is preparation of the drill pads and the dozer is being prepared whilst the camp ramps up and our data base expert, Asmaou, prepares all our QA/QC documentation and processes in readiness.

It was pleasing to be able to announce earlier in the week the upgrades to the rail line bridges and to formally announced the appointment of Mr Su, our strategic investor, to the Board of Canyon. Additionally the cooperation agreement MOU with the port of Douala is now signed off and maps out our progression towards formalised access and handling agreements. All this is setting the scene for a successful year ahead. J

James Durrant
Director of Projects