The site team have continued to progress well with the grade definition programme and the ESIA baseline investigations. Drill pad preparation is now complete and the dozer team have been demobilised having completed some community road repairs on its journey out.

The grade definition programme drilling is 80% complete and most of the samples to date have been sent to ALS in South Africa to begin primary chemical analysis before moving to SGS for metallurgical analysis. Along with the samples being exported are some bulk samples which will be used to support the offtake process and well as generating internal reference material for our project.

The ESIA team of experts have been completing the noise and dust monitoring programmes, moving the monitoring equipment from place to place, village to village. It has been great to see the interest and support from the local towns when the ESIA team arrive to progress their studies.

At the corporate level we’ve seen some interesting and positive changes, particularly with the Board composition adjustment and the welcoming of Cliff Lawrenson as Chair. Keeping the board structure relevant to the project status is a key element of successful project development. J