Following the completion of the grade definition programme, the completion of the dry season baseline assessments and the excitement of the VIP site visit the site technical services team has been focused on hydrogeological assessments and road and quarry surveying. The hydrogeological regime is quite benign but we are building up our knowledge through bore monitoring, falling head tests and infiltration programmes. The road between the mine and the inland rail facility is being surveyed for quarry locations to support the construction and maintenance methodologies being designed by CIE-MCC. There’s plenty of granites and laterites to support the future construction efforts. At the Camalco head office our recently appointed Director General, Rick Smith, has been working with Camrail and the Port Authority of Douala in support of our rail and port solutions. He’s also soon to be hosting a group of potential service, equipment and material suppliers, via the Chamber of Commerce, to allow us to form our preferred vendor list in support of accurate pricing and future longer term construction and maintenance contracts. At the port we are seeing the potential for some alterative, and likely improved, options and the team are working to assess and potentially implement these. The moving of data and information between teams has been a real focus of mine of late and its certainly been temporarily clogging up the office internet, and my cerebral, band width, but it’s essential for any project for the internal teams, and major external stakeholders, to be collaborating and working together off the same baseline data. Thank you for everyone’s support. J