The start to the FS is well underway following a week of strategy sessions and kick off meetings with our internal teams and broader consulting group.

We have determined to divide the FS into 3 main packages, that being: Mine to Rail; Rail to port; Port to Vessel. Mine to Rail is a more traditional study approach with grade definition and resource updates underpinning the mining schedules and the simple infrastructure and civil packages being tendered as design-construct packages to our network of builders and construction sub-contractors.

The mine schedule will be tendered to the mining contractors that accompanied us on the Jan-Feb 2020 site visit, starting with the PFS mine schedules, then followed by the more detailed FS mine schedules early next year. We’ll also be building a first principles shadow bid and owner-operator model.

The Port to Vessel and Mine to Rail project packages are being approached in a different way as it is a more heavily weighted commercial and legal scope than pure technical and the broad stakeholder groups are being established and the strategy refined. Jones, our Senior Geologist, is ramping up the grade definition programme on our priority plateaux and work is underway on our interim resource update.

All activities on site are still governed by our Covid-19 risk management protocols however we expect minimal impact to our activities. As we progress through our offtake strategy it has become very interesting to see the EU publicise its position on the strategic importance of bauxite and this adds to a similar position from the USA. Also to complement our offtake strategy will be the near completion of our Advance Metallurgical Programme which we will share as soon as the final data is in and analysed. J

James Durrant
Director of Projects